Hello Dreamers, I'm Jess.

I believe that possibility is more than true and hope can be found in the darkest of places.


My mission as a writer and creator is to lend a key to those in foggy boxes by explaining the unexplainable - the bloody chambers and shadows of the subconscious. And with hope, offering a glimmer like a shooting star for those who may venture into the night-sea journey. My writing tends to revolve around psychological and neurological transformation, the mythological, fantastical & fairy tale - experimenting and bending form to reflect the inner state. 


As a child, I grew up on the shared vocal passing of bedtime tales and the rolling landscape of the Shropshire Hills. But recently, due to a hunger for words, I moved with my wonderful partner to the bustling city of Cardiff in Wales. Currently, I'm studying an MA degree in Creative Writing at Cardiff University. And have a previous BA degree in English literature & Creative Writing. My flash fiction piece, β€˜Jumping over the Trampoline’ was published by Parthian Books in the Cheval 10 anthology and I've previously been a runner up for the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award. Most recently, my essay entitled 'Appetite' (on finding a love of food again after an eating disorder) was published in the Dear Damsels anthology/web-magazine. Presently, I have abundant gratitude to be mentored by Lee Weatherly (Bestselling YA author of the Broken Sky trilogy) whilst writing my current WIP; a middle-grade fantasy novel that intertwines constellation mythology and astronomy. I'm also extremely lucky to be supervised by Wales Book of the Year Award poet Ailbhe Darcy, working on a collection of retellings interwoven with poetry that shows the complexity and recovery from trauma. Mirroring narrative psychotherapy it examines the reclaiming of our personal narratives & how we can help to untether those threads of voices not our own.


When I'm not writing or reading, I can be found swimming, walking in nature, seeking inspiration, singing, meditating, studying psychology or fairy tales, myths or stars.








Published Works

  •  Essay 'Send Out the Message' published in the Saved By the Page anthology curated by J.D Netto 

  • Short Story 'Jumping Over the Trampoline' published in the Cheval 10 anthology by Parthian Books (runner up for the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award.)

  • Poems 'EDNOS,' 'My Body Became the Stem,' & 'Protection' published in the Metropolitan Volumes 1, 2 & 3  by Cardiff Metropolitan University.

  • Essay 'Appetite' published in the Dear Damsels anthology and online magazine 

Designed with love and intention by Jessica Shelley

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